RotorTech was developed in conjunction with Racing Boys and Domingos de Carvalho from Powermods, The first ECU was produced in 1992, this was fitted to an Alfa turbo and managed a first run of 14.22sec @ 181km/h at Tarlton, today the fastest turbo car is South Africa from Budler Motor Sport is running a Power Mode and did a 7.45sec.


We pride ourselves on having the knowledge, the experience and the equipment needed to fine-tune almost any make and model of vehicle, offering dyno tuning and turbo conversions that can unleash the power hidden under the bonnet of your car.

Racing Boys lead the way in engine tuning and upgrades, and we’ve invested heavily in the latest diagnostics and dyno tuning gear to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. With our own racing pedigree and a desire to unlock the potential that’s artificially restricted in a host of modern cars, we’ve been responsible for some incredible transformations and given our customers the car they’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re looking for a turbo conversion or upgrade, we have access to world-class turbo conversion kits, able to upgrade existing turbos or install a turbo conversion for your normally-aspirated engine without the need for heavy modification. As well as the power increase you see from a turbo conversion you’ll also benefit from increased torque and pulling power, ideal for safer overtaking as well as better performance and acceleration at all speeds. With power gains in the region of 30-50%, turbo conversions are becoming an increasingly popular way of turning a good car into a great car!


engine tuning servicecan also produce some exceptional results and we offer multiple stages of engine tuning to suit your particular preferences - from a Stage 1 ECU remapping that doesn’t add anything extra but can give you up to 30% more power, to Stages 2 and 3 that include enhancements to your engine that will generate significantly more power, torque and responsiveness. Our dyno tuning setup enables us to dynamically test your car’s performance under a wide range of conditions, and we can monitor a huge range of variables, adjusting your engine to find the sweet-spot for you.

Browse our site now and call us today to discuss engine tuning, turbo conversions and dyno tuning with one of our technicians, and get the performance you’ve dreamed of from Racing Boys.

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