The RotorTech Engine Management System is designed and manufactured in South Africa, and power some of the world’s quickest Rotary drag cars.

RotorTech was developed in conjunction with Racing Boys and Domingos de Carvalho from Powermods, The first ECU was produced in 1992, this was fitted to an Alfa turbo and managed a first run of 14.22sec @ 181km/h at Tarlton, today the fastest turbo car is South Africa from Budler Motor Sport is running a Power Mode and did a 7.45sec.

Rotortech can be installed in any road car running any Rotary Engine.

Our primary objective is to manufacture a world-class Mazda Rotary Engine Management Systems that are easy, trustworthy, simple to install and easy to tune.

This makes our system the perfect choice for all types of motorsport from the weekend driver to the professional motorsport teams chasing records.

By working closely with our customers and ongoing support on the track and dyno, we can guarantee our repeated success and ensure our customers remain a step ahead of their competition.


Racing Boys has just released the Mazda Rotary 13B full engine management kit, called the RotorTech.

The kit comes complete with full installation manual and wiring diagram, can be fitted onto dizzy or crack pickup sensors.

The Rotortech is ideal for any engine conversion (Street / Strip or Circuit or Drag Racing) and is excellent value for money.

Why Rotortech? Rotortech engine management unit is a fully stand alone and tuneable rotary ECU.
An engine management unit does not produce additional power... the vehicle's engine makes the power and the Rotortech ECU merely enhances what you've already have.

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